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Member Spotlight (#23)

Member Spotlight: Joni Celiz

What's your day job?

I work in development and fundraising at FRESHFARM. In my role, I manage overall strategy that includes grants, individual giving, corporate giving, and special events.

Why did you join the Next Gen Giving Circle?

I've always worked in fundraising for nonprofits, but haven't really developed my own personal capacity for giving and philanthropy. NGGC is a great community to learn more about the amazing work that is being done by various charitable organizations, and allows me to reflect more deeply on what I can do with my time and money for the community.

What topic or nonprofit cause are you passionate about?

I am passionate about issues related to economic opportunity, breaking cycles of poverty, education, food justice, and immigration. As a daughter of immigrant parents, I see that many of these issues resonate not only for immigrant communities, but also for people who identify as BIPOC. I envision a world where families and communities thrive, regardless of what you look like and where you come from.

How are you staying inspired?

Allowing time to breathe, rest, and focus on self-care. It has been an overwhelming year in balancing work, personal, health, and volunteer priorities - so realizing that it's ok to take a step back to recharge means we can be in a more open and happier mindset for longer. Also -- just seeing how we've been able to come together as community throughout this pandemic is inspiring and I look forward to brighter, more hopeful days ahead where we can connect again in-person.


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