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Member Spotlight (#21)

Member Spotlight: Alison Johnson

What's your day job?

I work at a commercial real estate trade association as the Director of Programming. I organize and implement high-level educational content for corporate executives about business and market trends.

Why did you join the Next Gen Giving Circle?

The idea of leveraging my contributions with those of others to create scalable impact for local organizations was the highlight. It felt like the best way to help organizations bridge the difference between individual, small dollar donations and larger more complex grant programs. Also, meeting other like-minded people in the process was a big perk!

What topic or nonprofit cause are you passionate about?

In some respects, I am cause agnostic. From supporting youth programs to environmental access and protection efforts, my passion relates to helping individuals succeed and experience a great quality of life.

How are you staying inspired?

I always find my inspiration from connection. Meeting and talking with people, hearing their stories and learning from their observations has been a great source of knowledge and inspiration for my own personal growth.

Anything else you’d like to share with members?

Just that I am grateful to meet you & I look forward to making good things happen with you all!


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