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Member Spotlight (#20)

Member Spotlight: Amanda Liaw

What's your day job?

I engage in fundraising and communications work at PEN/Faulkner, a literary arts and arts education nonprofit based in DC.

Why did you join the Next Gen Giving Circle?

I first learned about giving circles by coming across NGGC and I'm excited about the potential for this model to upend traditional power dynamics in philanthropy. Being new to DC, I'm also looking forward to learning about, and tapping into, the work of local community organizations by participating as a member of NGGC.

What topic or nonprofit cause are you passionate about?

This is a tough question because, as I learn about causes, their root issues all seem so interconnected. I'm still young in my journey as an activist, philanthropist, and community member, but thus far and in the near future, I gravitate toward food justice, education, artistic and civic action, as well as co-operative/anticapitalist organization models.

How are you staying inspired?

I'm deeply moved by the words of adrienne maree brown, Shiree Teng, Mariame Kaba, Grace Lee Boggs, and many other women. I'm trying to expand my practice of self-care to community care by forming friendships at work, at the pole studio I dance at, and at the organizations I volunteer with.

Anything else you'd like to share with members?

Hit me up! Let's be friends :)

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