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Member Spotlight (#2)

Member Spotlight: Emmanuel Caudillo

Why’d you join NGGC?

"Ownership and shaping its direction. The giving circle provides an opportunity for members to share their passions and an avenue for that to be supported."

What nonprofit causes do you care a lot about?

"Out-of-school time nonprofits. I enjoy supporting organizations that provide enrichment activities, mentorships, and support for students after school and during the weekend."

How are you staying inspired in 2020?

"I share inspirational quotes and messages on social media. It helps me and I hope it helps others."

Anything else you’d like to share with members?

"I enjoy traveling. I like to explore new countries and learn about new cultures. While seeing famous sites is fun, eating and spending time with the local community and learning more about them is incredibly enriching for me. One of my most recent travels was in the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador."

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