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Member Spotlight (#19)

Member Spotlight: Stephanie Dimos and Sam Brown

What's your day job?

Stephanie works in Policy in the Office of the Secretary of Defense; Sam works as an actuary for Prudential.

Why did you join the Next Gen Giving Circle?

We are interested in being more intentional in our giving, but neither of us have professional backgrounds in philanthropy. Being relatively new to DC, the Giving Circle seemed like a great opportunity to channel efforts and funds towards meaningful, local causes while taking advantage of the knowledge of other like-minded folks in our community.

What topic or nonprofit cause are you passionate about?

Stephanie is passionate about food security based on past volunteering and professional experience, and Sam is passionate about youth mentorship based on personal volunteering experience.

Anything else you'd like to share with members?

We hope we get the chance to meet some of you all in person soon!


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