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Member Spotlight (#18)

Member Spotlight: Sarah Gochenaur

What's your day job?

I serve as the Director of Development and Communications at New Endeavors By Women

Why did you join the Next Gen Giving Circle?

I joined Next Gen to meet other people who are passionate about making a difference. I firmly believe in backing up my values with my funds when I can. As a fundraiser, it is great to see so many other people investing in their community.

What topic or nonprofit cause are you passionate about?

Is it cheating to say New Endeavors By Women? We're a nonprofit partnering with women experiencing homelessness to create new futures. We provide housing and supportive services so our clients can live life on their own terms and achieve their goals. I am also passionate about mental health resources for middle school age kids.

How are you staying inspired?

It's hard not to be inspired in my line of work. Every day I see that people are so much more generous and kind than I could have guessed. We had a former client come in a few weeks ago to say hi and donate. It meant so much to me and so much to our team. It was a totally unprompted gift of love.

Anything else you'd like to share with members?

Thank you for your commitment to our community! Organizations like Next Gen show the impact individuals can make when they align on a vision. I hope we can continue to invest in programs that uplift our underrepresented neighbors.


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