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Member Spotlight (#1)

Member Spotlight: Meghan Whaley

What interests you about the NGGC?

"I thought it would be a great way to learn about new volunteer opportunities and nonprofits in the DC area. It’s a great space to meet and interact with like-minded peers while also giving back to our community."

What nonprofit do you care a lot about?

"The National Brain Tumor Society - I’ve been an advocate for brain tumor research for over 20 years. I was very young when I lost my grandfather to a Glioblastoma. Since moving to DC, I’ve advocated on Capitol Hill about sustainable funding for NIH and the brain tumor community."

How are you staying inspired in 2020?

"Finding ways to give back as much as possible. I’ve helped set up delivery of 200 boxed lunches to local essential workers and people in need. My employer, Tishman Speyer, has a cafe in one of our properties. From the beginning, we wanted to make sure that the kitchen staff continued to receive a paycheck. It seemed like a win-win when we asked them to make lunches for our company to donate during this crisis. We deliver these boxed lunches to hospitals, fire and police stations, food banks, social services and shelters. Being able to give back with the support of my company has been an unexpected gift during quarantine."


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